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“Human Error” has been the primary reason for maritime accidents. We, at Girik Maritime, are aware of such implications and appreciate the need for Engine Room Resource Management training, in order to improve safety and efficiency on board. It is imperative to enhance the social interaction between team members, improve their situational awareness and boost their decision making skills. This is all the more crucial in a high fidelity, complex and simulated working environment.

In May 2005, the IMO Maritime Safety Committee approved STCW.6/Circ.7 on Amendments to part B of the STCW Code, to provide guidance on engine-room resource management. The learning objectives of the engine room resource management course delivered at Girik Maritime cover all of the requirements of STCW amendments. The course syllabus/material is relevant, current and appropriate and reflects industry best practice.

The key highlights of this course are mentioned below:

  •  The systems approach
  •  Safety of operations
  •  Environmental issues
  •  Co-operation and teamwork
  •  Situational awareness management
  •  Decision-making
  •  Human factors and human error
  •  Crisis management and human behaviour
  •  Leadership and workload management
  •  Risk assessment and risk management
  •  Identification of and breaking error chains
  •  Efficient use of resources and delegation
  •  Communications
  •  Planning and prioritizing
  •  Identification of cause of problem and timely correct response
  •  Methodical and logical approach to fault diagnosis and problem solving
  •  Identification and justification of ‘assumptions’
  •  Emergency preparedness
  •  Contingency planning

The course is designed on the lines of “Crew Resource Management” Course of the Aviation Industry. It is a highly interactive course, filled with group discussions, relevant case-studies and real-life scenarios using bridge and engine-room simulators, to give you a taste of the real world.

After successful completion of the course candidates will receive a Bridge and engine-room resource management course certificate. This is a highly mandated and recommended course for any individual, who wish to start a career in the maritime industry.

Besides, managing human resources, the primary objective of this course is to enhance safety, efficiency and contingency management on board a ship. Nonetheless, this course recognizes the need of developing a positive attitude so as to make the best utilization of the knowledge and skills. For further information, get in touch with our Mumbai based training institute.

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