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Marine Environment Protection Course (MEPC)

In the field of marine environmental protection on an upsurge of worldwide protection, there is the International Agreement on Air and Water Pollution by Marine Vessels ruled by the International Maritime Organization.

  • Environmental Management Policy.
  • Environment Management System – Implementation
  • MARPOL Annex 1 to VI – Including latest changes & amendments
  • Case Studies of Recent Trends in MARPOL Violations
  • OPA 90 Response Training as per 33 CFR155.055 and Appendix C guidelines
  • NPDES – Vessel General Plan requirements & compliance
  • California Clean Coast Act, California Vessels Emission Regulations
  • Storage and Disposal of garbage (including) hazardous waste.
  • Bilge Water Management- Discharge Criteria, Waste-stream management, Effect of Detergents & Chemicals
  • Retention and Disposal of Sludge- IOPP Certificate Awareness, Sludge Generation and Separation and Standard Discharge Connection
  • Maintenance of pollution prevention equipment as per Maker & company requirements for spares on board
  • Oily Water Separator and Oil Content Monitor- Description, Operation, Calibration and Maintenance
  • Incinerators- Principle of Incineration, IMO Type Approval, Problems, Limitations & Maintenance
  • Ballast Water Management Plan with Mandatory Requirements for the USA
  • Oil Record Book – Rules and Requirements for Entries, Understanding the Codes, Correct Entries, Assessment.

Duration: 2 days

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