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Girik with special permission obtained by Several Maritime Authority and acting as agents through our lawyer and we are duly approved to register ships under Panama/ St Kitts and Nevis/ Palau/Cook Islands/ Liberia flag and other flags and to guide you through the procedures of the registration of the vessel from the application to the obtainment of the full term statutory navigation license and statutory radio license, an inscription of the ownership title, mortgage registration as well as acquirement of all necessary technical flag documents such us: ITC, MSMC, Official books, CSR, BCC, WRC, CLC, ISM Declaration approval, CSO Declaration, MLC Declaration, CICA, LRIT and any other required documents.

As a core activity, ship registration receives prime attention of our experienced team of professionals, to ensure the ship owners and managers have the most beneficial flag for their ships based on their necessity.

With more than 5 yrs of experience and close relations with the administration and liaising with local authorities, many other benefits include when applying with our company as we are the link to all others related departments of the administration. We’ll provide you with all necessary information, documents your vessel and company may need allowing you to have peace of mind and ensuring that all required transactions will be done within the requested time and without errors.

Acting directly through the administration, we can handle all technical and administrative aspects of the ship registration process and provide round the clock service to our clients.

Panama Flag Registration / Certification

The procedure to register ships with the Panamanian flag is straightforward and expeditious. Request for provisional registration can opt through the GIRIK. All the required information have must be presented and the payment of the corresponding fee. Once all the documents have been received, the rights have paid, a provisional patent is issued, the duration […]

St Kitts and Nevis flag registration and certification.

SKANReg is recognised for its sound Mortgage Legislation, based on English Law, is known, trusted and respected the world over. Its Head Office located on the outskirts of London. Girik has a good network with Maritime Registrars of SKAN. We provide all benefits and a pragmatic approach to certification where technical issues are involved in […]

Liberian Flag Vessel Registration

The Liberian Registry is open to any shipowner in the world and accepts any type of vessel so long as it meets the Registry standards. The pre-registration formalities are user-friendly, and designed to meet international standards concerning safety and documentation and to protect the interest of shipowners registering their vessels in Liberia. To enter the […]

Palau Flag Vessel Registration

PISR is the fastest growing ship registry. Girik continues to provide the highest standards of administrative, legal, technical and support functions to ship-owners and managers.   Palau flag registration: Qualification for Registration Registration Under Construction New Building Registration Transfer of Flag Registration Re-Registration Single Voyage Registration Bareboat Registration Laid Up Registration   Vessel certification: Minimum […]

Cook Islands Flag Vessel Registration

The Cook Islands operates an open register for ships and yachts. Cook Islands requires that all ships that fly their flag comply with all of the relevant international maritime conventions as per IMO Conventions and IACS Unified Interpretations.   Merchant Ship registration Provisional Registration The vessel registration process is commenced by completing an Application for […]

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