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This course includes: This course intended to meet the minimum standards of Safety Induction, Sea Survival, Emergency First Aid, Fire Fighting & Self Rescue, Helicopter Safety & Escape, EBS requirements as per IMO Resolution A.891(21) Duration: 3 Days


This course is as per IMO Resolution A.1079 (28). Course contents. Health & Safety Legislation Basic Crane Terminology Principles of Stability Basic Mechanical Principles Safe Working Loads British Standard Hand Signals Rated Capacity Indicators Pre-operational Checks/Shutdown Procedure Introduction to Wire Ropes Duration: 5 days


This course follows the STCW convention contain in part A of Ch-VII and MARPOL (73/78) contained in Annex III. The course covers the following topics: – Construction and use of the IMDG Code. Hazard classification based on UN criteria. Dangerous Goods List and Limited Quantities Expectation. Packing and Tank Provisions. Consignment Procedures. Dangerous Goods Declaration […]


The course covers the following topics: – Pre-Flight Familiarization. Communication with Helicopter. Helicopter Emergencies Procedure. Helicopter Underwater Escape Training. Survival Equipment. Abandonment Techniques. Rescue & Summary. Duration: 1 Day


This course covers the following topics: – Introduction, Hazards & characteristics. Method of Detection (Old & New) Precautions (location safety) & Protection. The modern way to reduce the concentration of H2S on the drill floor. The function of CMS, SCBA and various Protective types of equipment. Physical and chemical characteristics of H2S. Contingency Plans. The […]


Checking of brakes, clutches, sheaves, and wire rope assemblies Design studies and calculation reviews Dynamic and static load testing Inspection of all the structural load-bearing members, including sheaves Checking crane girders, rails and columns of overhead cranes to assure structural integrity Line level and span crane gantry surveys Non-destructive testing (NDT) of load hooks for […]


This training is to equip the delegate with the initial knowledge, to understanding and skills required to perform the role of an Offshore Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO)/ Helicopter Landing Assistant (HLA)safely & effectively. Course contents: Offshore Helideck regulations and guidelines. Helicopter and Helideck Hazards and Management Systems. HLO/HLA responsibilities during helicopter landing and departure. Supervision […]


Offshore fire/emergency response arrangements. The role of the Emergency Helideck Team Member. Helideck helicopter emergency equipment & procedures. Safe use and maintenance of Helideck emergency equipment. Fighting different types of fire with emphasis on fuel and electrical fire. Evacuation of trapped causalities. Duration: 3 days


The course is a mix of theoretical and practical sessions, during which delegates required to demonstrate their level of knowledge and understanding of the training program content. Knowledge of all relevant legislation and safe systems of work Preparation and lifting plans Equipment pre-use inspection and safe and correct use of equipment Slinging principles and terminology […]


The course included audio/video instructions & practical training in: Rigging principles and terminology, load Management. Rigging Equipment & Inspection Techniques. Planning of lifting operations. Elevated Areas-General Requirements. Portable Ladders & Step Ladders, Scaffolding Components. Requirements common to all scaffolds, Tube & Coupler Scaffolds Mobile & Tower Scaffolds, Fabricated Tubular Frame Scaffolds. Bracket Scaffolds, Underhung Scaffolds. […]


The course provides a general understanding of winch operation carried out during anchor handling and towing operations, including emergencies. Types of winches like use and operation. Introduction to components and layout of the winch system. Terminology, phrases and abbreviations. Winch computer uses and limitations. Winch capacities and wire length monitoring. Tension control and load monitoring. […]


The course developed to the international convention STCW, including the Manila Amendments 201; which in its Section B-V/E, states the importance of the training of officers and masters involved in anchor handling operations. This course also complies with the NWEA Guidelines for the Safe Management of Offshore Supply and Rig Move Operations, section 9.1.4, which […]

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