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Benefits of Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator (LCHS) course in India?

In the Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator course, handling liquid cargo like oil, gas and chemicals requires caution and knowledge. The slightest mistake can be hazardous for the crew, ship and environment. To encounter the risk factors in liquid cargo handling, the Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator course provides virtual simulators with state-of-the-art training for cargo system […]

What are the features of Engine Room Resource Management?

In Engine Room Resource Management, the Engine Room Personnel’s performance is crucial to the safety of the vessel. To attain sound and efficient engine watchkeeping, well-defined procedures as well as standing orders from the Chief Engineer, are necessary. The plan of action established is a must to ensure that the duties and responsibilities of engine […]

What is Engine Room Resource Management methodology?

A vessel cannot run without proper equipment and people to use that equipment; both resources are necessary for smooth work in the engine room. Engine Room Resource Management is a method of using all available resources to conduct engineering operations and run a vessel. Engine Room Resource Management includes some crucial elements to achieve its […]

Whats does ME engine course aim for?

The ME engine course aims to provide a practical understanding of the principles, design, operation, and maintenance of the ME Engine System, enabling participants to safely & efficiently operate the engine and perform fault-finding in the control system. This course is designed for all Engine Officers responsible for the operation of ME Engine. The Me […]

What are the responsibilities in bridge team management?

In the past, there were many cases of accidents which occurred due to poor teamwork in the Navigation department. Poor Bridge teamwork has often been cited as one of the main reasons for these mishaps. It has compelled the maritime industry to have a closer look at the navigation practices which followed at sea. In […]

What are the objectives of Bridge Team Management course?

The exercises of Bridge Team Management enhance teamwork and features of resource management like communication, challenge & response, situational awareness, leadership and decision making etc. The Bridge Team Management course will ensure that the navigating officers recognize the importance of proper planning, threat assessment, effective communications and good teamwork. The candidates are trained to work […]

What are the features of Bridge Resource Management Course?

In Bridge Resource Management, the bridge organisation should appropriately be taken into consideration by a clear navigation policy incorporating shipboard operational procedures, following the vessel Safety Management System as required by the ISM Code. The syllabus for this course is under Regulation II/1, Section A-II/1 and Table A-II/1 of standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping […]

How Does Bridge Resource Management prevents all these problems?

How does it look when a team is without a leader? The crew is working on their own making mistakes which may result in accidents. Else what if there is a team not communicating; which is causing chaos just because they are unable to talk and take proper precautions for the problem which can be […]

Why is it important to have Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) awareness training?

Hydrogen Sulfide (molecular formula H2S) is a highly toxic as well as explosive gas found naturally in many places, predominantly in oil fields, swamps, marshy areas and garbage dumps. It is also a by-product of many industrial chemical processes. Because of its toxic nature, humans have to be very careful in working in areas where […]

Who can apply for H2S course?

The H2S course is intended for personnel working in an environment that could become contaminated by H2S gas. Training on the subject of Hydrogen Sulfide is essential for all oil and gas workers who could be exposed to H2S during their work activities. H2S course training is mandatory for employees engaged in oil and gas […]

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