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Master the Art of Ship Handling: Enroll in our Ship Handling Simulator Course

In the Ship handling simulator course, the Simulator is equipped with various ship models, which replicate the manoeuvring characteristics of the ships. Every participant is given the opportunity to carry out the exercise independently in order to gain practical experience in ship handling.

In the Ship handling simulator course, an incorrect understanding of the various factors affecting Ship Handling can lead to serious accidents and unnecessary claims. Every ship behaves differently under different conditions of weather, depth and load/ballast condition, etc.

Many times an officer learns ship handling while on the job, thus handling ships without clearly understanding the subject.

Shipping companies will find this course helpful in giving invaluable knowledge and confidence to their staff before serving on a particular type of vessel. We try and ensure that the participant gets the experience on the simulator for a particular ship type quite close and similar to the one he is expected to serve on.

At Girik, we intend to build up on the core concepts of ship handling, by first understanding the theory of ship handling and then applying this knowledge gained by trying out different situations on the Simulator.

The simulator exercises are generally ship-type specific, thus giving the participant a good idea of ship behaviour on a particular type of vessel.


Participants will use a full-mission ship manoeuvring simulator course to:

  • Enhance their understanding of the effects on the behaviour of the ship, of wind, current, shallow waters, condition of loading, etc and apply the knowledge gained, for correct use of engines, helm and other available resources.
  • Practice and appreciate the various aspects of ship manoeuvring by carrying out exercises such as anchoring, departing from a congested anchorage, navigating through a narrow buoyed channel with wind, current and in shallow water, use of tugs/bow thrusters for berthing and unberthing.

To gain basic and advanced knowledge and skills of ship handling principles, manoeuvring ships with unusual characteristics or significantly different characteristics from previous ship types, manoeuvring in different weather conditions and in various complexity areas including narrow channel passage.

Ship manoeuvring simulator course content:

  • Basic principles and forces acting on a ship
  • Standard manoeuvres
  • Wind and current effects
  • Shallow water effects and ship-to-ship interaction
  • Bank effect
  • Use of ugs
  • Manoeuvres on ships with unusual manoeuvring characteristics
  • Type-specific ship handling with vessels, where manoeuvring characteristics are significantly different from those in which participants have recently served

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