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Master the Waves: Embark on an Immersive Ship Manoeuvring Simulator Course

The ship handling or ship manoeuvring simulator course is designed to enhance the skill, knowledge, and capability when it comes to handling the ship and efficiently managing the bridge team. It consists of theoretical lessons supplemented by computer-based training and ship-handling simulator exercises. The course is based on the IMO Model Course 1.22 and we Girik, are approved by The DG Shipping.


This ship manoeuvring simulator course covers the training recommended in the IMO Model Course 1.22 and fulfils the training requirement for Navigating officers at the Management Level, specified in Table A-II/2 of STCW Code 1995 and Appendix M-II/3B of META Manual Vol 2, concerning manoeuvring and handling a ship in various conditions and establishing good team work during Bridge Watchkeeping.


The objective of the ship manoeuvring simulator course is to reduce the possibility of accidents that may lead to loss of life, or damage to property or the environment by enhancing the navigational skills of navigating officers and their understanding of how to handle a vessel in restricted waters and using all available technical and human resources effectively. The trainee who completes this course will have gained experience in handling ships under various conditions and will make a more effective contribution to the bridge team during ship manoeuvring in normal and emergencies.

In particular, trainees will gain:

  1. Familiarization with the use of engines and helm for ship manoeuvring.
  2. An understanding of the effects on the behaviour of the ship of wind, current shallow water, banks and narrow channels and condition of loading.
  3. A greater awareness of the importance of planning in passage or manoeuvre and the need for an alternative plan.
  4. A greater understanding and awareness of efficient bridge procedures and bridge teamwork during watchkeeping and ship handling, in normal and in emergencies.
  5. Greater awareness and understanding of a good interactive communication style and the benefit of building up a common shared mental model of the planned passage.

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