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It’s more than just food! A good meal is the only source of nourishment which mariners get, especially when sailing for endless number of days. There have been multiple instances in the past when seafarers have fallen seriously ill, some even fatal, due to lack of nourishing food, which has resulted in gastrointestinal illnesses due to food poisoning.

There have been several other illnesses, having symptoms like diarrhoea and vomiting, primarily caused by Norovirus, which infects the intestines. This majorly affects individuals in enclosed spaces such as ships.

Thus, on August 20, 2013, the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC) came into force. Regulation 3.2 (Food & Catering) of MLC specifically focusses on the quality of nutritious food and drinking water provided to seafarers under regulated hygienic conditions. Crew Food Safety Training has been accepted by the MCA as meeting the learning outcomes and assessment criteria of Annex 1 in MSN-1846 (M). This is an MLC requirement, which applies to all MLC compliant yachts, whether you are carrying 1-100 crew. It applies to all crew whose duties involve food handling, including serving and clearing meals, stocking the fridges, unwrapping and plating take-out or delivered foods, preparing sandwiches, packing lunches, etc. Any crewmembers handling food require a valid, in date (3 years), food safety qualification.

At Girik Maritime Institute, we recognize the challenges as well as the importance of providing nutritious foodstuff to mariners on a daily basis, which directly results in the up-keep of their health. Accordingly, the course outline is designed, which includes analytical training and a proctored exam upon completion.

Chef’s or culinary experts, who has the desire to forge their maritime career, requires this Crew Food Safety Certification. At our Mumbai based training centre, students will not only be trained on meeting culinary and hygiene standards, but also get to grips with cooking a range of delicious cuisines like Indian, Italian, Continental, to name a few. This is crucial, especially since the crew has a diverse cultural background, which helps in avoiding unpleasant situations.

Furthermore, our extensive training also gives special emphasis to reduction of wastage by optimal utilization of resources, while providing superior quality delicacies.

If you are keen on joining an innovative, vibrant and efficient kitchen staff of a reputed merchant ship, get in touch with us today. There is lots that can be done when it comes to food!

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