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What are the features of Engine Room Simulator Course?

In the Engine room simulator course, the system serves primarily for ensuring communication between a person using the simulator and the mathematical models built into the simulator, i.e. for implementing the “Man-Computer” interface.
In the Engine room simulator course management level, the simulator uses the same ideology as the actual up-to-date systems for the automated and automatic control of the ship’s machinery, namely, the presentation of information on all the subsystems and their components on the computer monitor, as well as the possibility to control the subsystems from the computer monitor.

To this end, in all the modules (SDPP, AS and SEPP) each of the modelled subsystems is presented on an individual on-screen page (The left-hand part of the on-screen page contains a subsystem’s mnemonic diagram, whilst the right-hand part of the page contains this subsystem monitoring and control panel on each page, there is a special area for the signals of the Alarm System related to the given subsystem). In the Engine room simulator course management level, in addition, each of the simulators has a dedicated Alarm System on-screen page; all the Alarm System signals from all the subsystems included in the given simulator are combined on a special Group Alarm System Panel.

In the Engine room simulator course, the trainee is provided with a facility for switching from one subsystem to another (leafing through the on-screen pages), for controlling the simulator in the part of the allowed functions (pause, stop, sound control, Event Log “tape” recording, saving of the systems’ and machinery status, local exercise loading, etc.)

Engine Room Simulators are designed to educate and train marine engineers in the operation of Engine Room machinery and watchkeeping in the Engine Control Room of vessels with a high level of automation.

In the Engine room simulator course management level, the instructor station consists of the following principal components:
• Trainee Monitor – for conducting classes and monitoring the trainee performance in the online mode by using an alphanumeric display.
• Exercise Editor – for the creation and editing of simulator exercises.
• Additional Trainee Monitor – to allow the trainee workstations to be monitored through a combination of an alphanumeric display and an additional graphic display.
• Debriefing facility – for viewing and analysing the recordings of completed exercises.
• Evaluation and Assessment system – For analysis and evaluation of the trainee performance within given tasks.

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