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Why does ISM code course from Girik Institute offers a sound background?

This ISM code course from Girik Institute offers a sound background to the International Safety Management Code and its specific requirements. It is designed for crew looking for a safety management solution in their environment and draws on the operational priorities of safety management and places them in a real-world scenario.

This ISM code course is under the SOLAS Ch-IX of Resolution A.741(18) as amended by MSC.104(73), MSC.179(79), MSC.195(80), MSC.273(85) and MSC.353(92) covers the following topic:

  • Introduction to the ISM code (for the safe operation of ships & pollution prevention)
  • Knowledge of the STCW-95 conventions
  • Contents of the ISM code
  • Knowledge & understanding of each element of the ISM code
  • Practical application of the ISM Code.

To follow the ISM Code in India, the association that will operate the vessel has to get audited first after they submit their Safety Management System (SMS) Manual and approved by Flag Administration or Recognized Organization. Once a Company gets audited, a Document of Compliance (DOC) is issued (valid for five years). It is mandatory to audit every year (three months before and after the anniversary date and before the DOC expiration date).

Safety Management System Manual consists of the following elements:

  • Commitment from top management
  • A top-tier policy manual
  • A procedures manual that documents what is done onboard the ship, during normal operations and in emergencies
  • Procedures for conducting both internal and external audits to ensure the vessel is following the documentation in the procedures manual
  • A designated person ashore to serve as the link between the ships and shore staff and to verify the SMS implementation
  • A system for identifying where actual practices do not meet those that are documented and for implementing associated corrective action
  • Regular management reviews

The requirements of the ISM Code applied to all commercial is for ships over 500 GT. Compliance with the ISM Code is sometimes required by vessel clients regardless of Gross Tonnage (GT).

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